Quality Policy

We Raison automation are committed to providing our customers with automation solutions of the highest possible level of quality and customer satisfaction.  In order to achieve this, we are constantly on a mission to improve our products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations.

We implement our unique expertise knowledge and leverage technology to understand and address the growing need for Industrial Automation and Connected enterprises.

All the products that we manufacture undergo various quality inspections at different stages of the manufacturing process to ensure quality products are reached to the customers. Our quality standards ensure that the targets of quality are formulated and assessed, consumer requirements are met, Retaining regulatory compliance, and continuous improvement.

Our Commitments


We are committed to providing customer-centric automation solutions tailored to the need and requirements of the customer.

Focused on Improvements

We are committed to achieving excellence throughout our quality management and entire development process.

Relationship management

We are committed to maintaining a stable relationship with our stakeholders and customers to ensure optimum business performance and meet our goals.


We collaborate with our team and continuously strive to improve our business, engage with our people, and achieve our objective.

Our team

We’re backed by a team of highly qualified engineers, supervisors, analyzers, and skilled trained technicians who are well experienced and familiar with the industry. They work round the clock to meet the growing requirement of the customers. Our team of qualified experts is one of our core strengths who put their knowledge and skills in providing unparalleled automation products that are recognized by industries.