GD20 Series Open Loop Vector Control Drives

GD20 series inverters feature excellent drive and control performance for using of sensorless vector control technology, and improve usability and reliability for the enriched hardware configurations and software functions, meeting different industrial applications. GD20 series 18.5KW~110KW comes standard with built-in DC reactor, 18.5~37KW built-in standard brake unit, 45~110KW optional built-in brake unit, full range of independent air duct design, which improves product reliability and performance, and enhances product competitiveness.

  1. Excellent control performance: Adopt SVC mode.
  2.  Optimize structure design: support multiple kinds of installation modes.
  3.  Built –in RS485 communication.
  4. Support of external keypad: GD20 series inverters can be configured with LED keypad which has the data copy function to upload or download the parameters.
  5. Diverse Application Requirements: Simple PLC, multi-speed control, built-in PID

Food machinery, plastic machinery, petroleum machinery, cable machinery, air compressors, machine tools, wood working machinery, textile machinery, printing and packaging equipment, chemical equipment, environmental protection equipment, transportation equipment, etc.

Single – Phase 240V: 0.4Kw – 2.2 kW

Three – Phase 240V: 0.4Kw – 7.5 kW

Three – Phase 440V:  0.75kW -22 kW