GD10 Series Mini VFD Drives

GD10 mini economical vfd drives are designed for common applications of small power OEM market, with various functions of PID, multistage speed, DC braking, Modbus communication and others. Its smaller size can further reduce the installation space (the size is about 15% smaller than similar products).

1.SVPWM control
2.Compact design, less installation space
3.Built-in PID with 16-step speed control
4.Standard potentiometer and external LED keypad
5.Optional C3 filters and C2 filters
6.Natural cooling (single-phase or three-phase220V 0.2-0.75kW)
7.CE requirements certified


Packing, Food, Textile, Centrifugal Machinery, Carving Machinery, & Wire Cutting.

Single – Phase 240V: 0.2kW – 2.2 kW

Three – Phase 240V: 0.2kW – 2.2 kW

Three – Phase 440V:  0.75kW -2.2 kW